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NEC4: Managing complex contract requirements, out of the box

Industry Insight - 17 Sep 2021

Ensuring compliance with the timescales and requirements of an NEC4 Contract can be complex and administratively burdensome. RPC’s new NEC4 Solution with Oracle’s Primavera Unifier is an innovative, rapidly deployable and out-of-the-box solution that makes it simple for Contractors and Owner/Operators to easily and compliantly manage their contracts within the NEC Family of Contracts, providing greater control, visibility and contract management functionality than ever before.

Our NEC4 Solution is just one of RPC’s family of Solution Sets, forged in collaboration with customers to harness the power of Oracle’s Primavera Unifier tool. By allowing you to control cost, schedule and change in one place, the solution presents one single source of the truth; with live data that you can rely on to be up to date and accurate, less double handling of data and better reporting. With this visibility, you can easily identify and mitigate risk. Ensure that you never miss another deadline, with automated due-date tracking and reminders, and a full audit trail of changes and communications included as standard.

The Outstanding Task page is key to compliance with the NEC4 timescale requirements. Here, users can see all their outstanding, imminent and overdue tasks, making it easy to quickly prioritise tasks across one or all of your current projects..

Pre-configured NEC4-compliant contract forms, a fully configurable project dashboard and a Mobile App for when you are in the field make it easy to manage and monitor information, whether you are managing contracts at a Contract, Project, Programme or even Portfolio level.

The Contract Dashboard (above) gives an instant snapshot of all the critical contract summary data, including contract price and dates, with a clear graphical representation of key contract metrics.

All contract communication pro-formas are pre-configured with the correct fields and ‘Times to Respond’, and are automatically work-flowed to the correct parties. A ground-breaking communication tracking feature of the RPC NEC4 Solution enables users to generate a Spiders Web graph (below): a powerful, expandable, visual audit trail showing the relationships between all contract communications. This allows users to quickly establish the connections behind a sequence of contract change events – a particularly useful feature in an adjudication event, automating a research task that would otherwise be a heavy manual process.

Add in that this is the only solution on the market that includes native integration to Oracle Primavera P6 – providing seamless integration and combined reporting for Primavera P6, Cost Management and RPC Solution Sets, such as Earned Value Management – and you have a really powerful contract management tool.

Deploying the RPC NEC4 Oracle’s Primavera Unifier Solution drastically reduces the amount of resource required to administer and manage projects under the NEC suite of contracts. The configurable software integrates the project supply chain with all NEC tasks, processes and communication workflows within a robust, secure and fully-auditable online environment.

Powerful bespoke or standard reports can be set up to highlight areas of risk and to monitor performance and progress, improving business intelligence and ultimately helping to reduce risk.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the RPC NEC4 Solution could help your organisation, please get in touch and we will be happy to share this innovative product with you in more depth. We’re confident you’ll be as excited as we are.

To find out more about RPC’s NEC4 Unifier Solution, please contact Chris Woodbridge at...

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